Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Share what you Know

Your story includes a wealth of experience that can help others along their own path of life. What are you good at? Have you lived off the grid? Can you help with Solar ideas and plans? Any suggestions to go green for the common person? Do you know about home brew projects to save energy or make others aware? Please Contribute anything about everything.

Whats Your Story? Write it down and Pass it on!

Life is like a series of short stories about countless people and families around the globe. Whats Your Story. I think everyone would like to write a book, make a movie, make music and lots of other things. Whether your 11 or 65 you have a story to tell. What is your story? Where do you come from? How did you end up where you are? What have you done in your life? What do you wish you would have done? What do you plan to do? What will you never do? What interesting people have you met? What interesting people would you like to meet? Who are your heroes? Who has influenced you to become what you are.

Small events in our lives cause us to make choices, those choices have led us to where we are right now. (i.e. One conversation led me to become a carpenter for 15 years, one suggestion made me move, buy land and build a home in the mountains). Where are you today, how did you get there, it is the small things that change our direction in life, (how powerful is that?) I guess that means that we are always in a state of change, and can change our circumstances immediately. Think About your own experiences.

What happens to what you know about your family once your gone? Write it down. Write it somewhere, and pass it on for those who follow.

What a great time to be alive. Now anyone can be published on the net.

This blog is about You. A place to leave your story for those who follow. You are a very different and interesting personality, we want to get to know you.

If you like, write your story here it doesn't have to be flashy or exciting just accurate and truthful, Your story is unique and we want to read about it